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Caricatures by Lee

Ordering Procedures

B & W Faces
Color Faces
B & W Heads and Bodies
Color Heads and Bodies
Caricature Posters
How to Order

Ready to request a caricature? 
Here's how to go about it... 

  1. Contact me by email...
  2. Or by Snail Mail... my address is shown at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Tell me what you want me to do... Black & White Face, Color Face, Black & White Head & Body, Color Head & Body, or Caricature Poster. You will find the prices listed on the next page..
  4. For the Head & Body and the Caricature Poster, describe the background or scenery you'd like to see, the pose or action that the subject of the drawing should have, and any special items or props that should be in the drawing.  EXAMPLES... (A) A teenage girl rollerblading down a street in a residential neighborhood. A small dog is racing along with her...   (B) A middle-aged man wearing waders, standing in a creek, casting his line into the water on the other side of the stream.  A large fish pops out of the water behind the man and says "You'll never catch me!"    (C)  An older lady in her kitchen carrying a pie she has just taken out of the oven.   A vase of flowers (daisies) is on the table.  A brown cat and two mice are eyeing up the pie from their location in the corner of the room. 
  5. Select two or three good clear photos of the person to be caricatured.  A wallet-size photo or a 3 X 5 or 4 X 6  snapshot will work (as long as the picture is a close-up of the person I'm to draw).  Be sure the image of the face is about the size of a quarter, or larger, and is well-lighted.  Please don't choose a photo in which a dark-haired person is posed in front of a dark background.  Three-quarter views of the subjects face are best, full-face views are fine, and profiles will be acceptable although not preferred. One thing more... be sure to tell me the color of the subject's eyes.  Eye color does not always show up well in photographs. 
  6. You can send me your photos as Jpeg attachments to email.  Before sending, please adjust the dimensions of the photo to approximately 500 pixels by 300 pixels.  Don't send a large number of photos at one time in one email.  I'd prefer to receive several email letters each with two attachments, rather than one email carrying six or eight photos.  Make me a happy down-loader and I'll make you a great caricature!
  7. You can, of course, send me the reference photos by regular USPS mail.  Your pictures will be returned to you with the completed caricature drawing.


If you have any questions, contact me via email.

Caricatures by LEE * 716 Moulton Ave * N Muskegon * MI * 49445

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